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we didn't expect this out come but we are going to deal with it now as best we can. >> devastating news from a family as the body of a missing teenager is discovered in the snow. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. >> we're on early due to the cotton bowl coming up at 4:30. it was the news that no one
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wanted to hear. today the body of a missing teenager was found in south lake tahoe. she had attended a new years eve concert at a community college in south lake tahoe. she was stay agent the horizon casino in nevada. this morning a utility worker spotted her body off the pioneer trail just a half mile from the concert site. we have live team coverage this afternoon. mike is there but we begin with eric in south lake tahoe. >> investigators are just now clearing the scene here. they say it was a water utility crew that first spotted the body of alissa around 8:30 this morning in a very high profile truck. she was found in a snow bank back here about 4 feet high out of the view of most passing cars but how she got here is still a mystery. >> after three days of desperate searching by family,
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friends and authorities around south lake tahoe investigators delivered the sad news this morning. >> it's be deep regret we announce we have recovered the body. >> they found the 19 year old in a snow bank along pioneer trail no more than half a mile from the snow globe music festival where she was with friends on new years eve. friends say she left early to go back to their hotel in nevada despite at least one witness who reported seeing her there after midnight. it's now unclear whether she ever made it back. >> obviously there's been conflicting information about this case. if that person did see her, it is possible that she jumped on a shuttle or got a ride back to the snow globe area. so we have a lot of leg work still to do. >> at this afternoon news conference county authorities said her body was found fully clothed with no signs of trauma while friends said she appeared to be under the influence of something new years eve, versailles the freezing temperatures could also explain
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why the young woman ended up here on the side of the road. >> when people get hype them ma or severely cold they get to a point where they can't function and think logically and if that had happened to her she may have had difficulty getting up. >> authorities did confirm that alissa burn's father did come by here to the scene. they say it was a distinguishing tattoo that helped them confirm this was her body. they don't think disturbing messages on her twitter account played a factor in her disappearance. toxicology results could take more than a more. >> we continue our coverage with mike. he joins us this evening where he has been speaking with friends and family members shocked by today's discovery. >> talk about someone people love. one by one friends are coming by her home dropping off flowers, tears in their eyes
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finding the strength to give their condolences to the family. a small area is overflowing we motion. >> i was sure she was going to come home. i was almost 100% positive. >> the flowers, the notes, the ribbons, the tears. >> yeah, alissa -- alissa used to make everyone laugh. >> all of it right here and fresh memories of a vibrant 19 year old are now starting to be told. >> she was an amazing person so fun to be around. she would always brighten your mood whenever you were upset. >> when i heard i was going through my phone watching videos of her dancing and laughing and people don't think i'm funny but i know you love me. >> her mother remains inside the family home. today her son and other relatives spoke for the family. >> we didn't expect this outcome but we are going to deal with it as best we can. >> she was a great girl and she'll be really missed and -- i'm sorry, that's all i can say. >> she was in tahoe with alissa
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on new years eve, a night she said she'll never forget. a dear friend she will always remember. >> at the end of the day she was responsible and safe but this is the one time that she wasn't. >> alissa's father just released a statement about 45 minutes ago saying our entire family is devastated. we were still holding out hope she would be found safe. we will miss her and she will be in our hearts forever ktvu channel 2 news. >> a new report out today finds california park officials kept millions of dollars secret for more than a decade. the state attorney general's office says officials continue their intentional nondisclosure because they were afraid their budget would be cut. last summer, two secret funds were discovered containing tens of millions of dollars. at the time, 70 parks were scheduled to close because of the budget crunch. >> only on 2 this afternoon, the oakland police department
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is looking for men and women who have what it takes to join their ranks. the department started the first phase of its hiring process this morning looking for new officer trainees. apply can'ts took a physical agility test to see if they're fit enough for the job. the department is seriously short staffed and is hoping to change that. >> it's part of the chief and the city's initiative for 2013 to increase our resources and help us fight crime here in the city. >> applicants who pass the test will then have to take a written test and if they pass that, they will be brought before a panel for an interview. >> san jose fire investigators are calling today's fire inside a cannabis club suspicious. it broke out at about 4:30 this morning. security cameras showed smoke inside the medical marijuana pa silty. fire crews found a window broken and smelled gasoline. the manager said surveillance video shows the man breaking
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the window. no one was hurt and nothing was taken and thanks to a sprinkler system there was very little damage. >> the man accused of a horrible crash that killed two people and injured a third new years eve in san francisco appeared today in court for the first time. alli tells us what happened. >> this man faces two count of murder and two other serious charges. he could be sentenced to up to 200 years in prison. he was lead into a san francisco courtroom this afternoon. he was wearing an orange jump suit and had his hands cuffed behind his back. he allowed our cameras in his courtroom. his arraignment was supposed to happen today but was postponed by tuesday because they needed more time to appoint a special attorney because of the gravity of the charges. he will remain behind bars for the time being because the judge set his bail at $10 million.
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this all stems from a violent crash that happened the morning of new years day. san francisco police said they tried to stop him from shooting at three people in the housing complex. those three people weren't struck by the gun fire but police say he ran through a red light in order to avoid police and avoid arrest and ended up crashing into another car outside a liquor store. that crash killed two people including a pedestrian and seriously injured a third person. the san francisco district attorney said he is a documented gang member and because he knowingly ran the red light to avoid police his actions warrant felony murder charges. >> when you look at the outcome in this particular case, you have two innocent people that are dead that had nothing to do with anything to do with gangs and then you have a third party that is very seriously injured, no tolerance for that at all. >> the san francisco medical examiner's office today identified one of the victims
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as 29 year old still i sylvia. she and her 18 year old nephew were struck by him when he ran the red light. also killed was the 26 year old who was the pedestrian that just happened to be walking into the liquor store when he was struck by the oncoming crashed car. the district attorney says the victim's services office is helping -- >> well, we apologize there. we lost the connection. thousands of pge customers lost power today when a speeding car crashed into a power pole. officers tried to pull over a bmw but after leaving the freeway the driver refused to stop. it crashed into a power pole and plowed through a fence and hit a maintenance truck. the driver ran off and police are searching for him.
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crews restored everyone's power. >> it's been two months since the election but president obama's re-election became official today. >> barrack obama, received for the president of the united states 332 votes, mitt romney the state of massachusetts 206 votes. >> aalry of the vote was announced today in congress as a formality. as you just heard from joe biden mr. obama captured more than the 270 votes needed to win the presidency. he will be sworn in for his second time january 20th. the december jobs report was released today and shows an up tick in hiring last month. employers added jobs last december but the unemployment went unchanged at 7.8%. much of gains come from growth in construction due to a massive rebuilding effort after super storm sandy. those number sent stocks up today for all three market with the s and p closing at it's highest level since 2007. >> another bay area lawmaker
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has been named to a new gun violence prevention task force. the congresswoman will serve as vice chair and representative mike thompson from napa will be the chairman. they will be looking into ways to prevent mass shootings like the ones in newtown connecticut. you may also remember she was seriously wounded by gun fire in 1978 when she and the then congresswoman were investigating the people's temple cut. ryan and several others were killed. >> the former congresswoman gabrielle giffords visited new town connecticut today. you can see her husband, former astronaut mark kelly in these scenes here. gifford did not appear publicly but met privately with family of those killed last month. the former congresswoman suffered severe head injuries after being shot at close range during a mass shooting in tucson two years ago. >> a wet outlook for part of the weekend. in just seven minutes i'll give you the details time line for
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when you can see showers in the area where you live. >> new federal rules on food safety but why activists say you are still at risk. >> but right after the break, four suspects facing charges in the murder of a south bay business man. the latest as they go before the judge
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for the first time three men charged with murdering a former owner of the mountain winery appeared in court today. he joins us live now with what's next in the case. >> well, three men accused o'brien piered briefly inside the santa clara county courthouse today where police is a there could be more arrests. >> they were charged with
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murdering the entrepreneur in his home. anderson garcia or austin injured pleas to any of the six felony counts against each of them. >> murder, assault, criminal threats, false imprisonment, a robbery and a residential burglary. >> they're charged with killing him during a home invasion robbery on november 30th. his wife was beaten. the coroner will not say how he was killed and police are saying little. court records portray him as a ruthless business man involved in shady dealings and having had a pension for prostitutes. a 4th person arrested was raven dixon. she is a prostitute that knew him and faces charges of accessory to murder. the plan is to try the three men together. >> one jury you don't have to put the same officers and witnesses and so forth three times. so for judicial economy you try
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them all together. >> the defendants are due back february 4th. they told us today more arrests are quote, possible, even likely. reporting live in san jose, ktvu channel 3 channel 2 news. >> first responders may have accidentally punctured a hole in a pipe causing a lake. consumer editor joins us from richmond will how this all may have happened. >> well, it is possible that this fire might not have even occurred except for one thing. >> one of the first signs they had a pipe leak was visual. >> probably going to generate a veil poor cloud. >> we spoke -- a vapor cloud. >> he has operated refineries himself. he says the first thing, stop the leak. >> can you isolate the leak either by closing valves nearby which is maybe difficult on a process unit or do you try to either clamp it or plug it if
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the pressure will allow. >> once you get through the wrappings and down to bare medal either plug it or wrap it with a pressure clamp. he indicate that pipe was punctured from the outside. >> chemical safety board thinks that the fire department in trying to get the insulation off the pipe using a tool may have punctured the pipe with this making the leak even worse. >> that's because the pipe seriously corroded by sulfur was almost certainly seriously weakened and brittle. >> trying to clog or clamp the hole you make the hole much bigger. in other words the pipe starts to fail, in which case you're now really losing control. >> within minutes a huge vapor cloud, hundred of feet high engulfed the processing unit, caught fire and crippled the refinery and sent 15,000 neighbors to the hospital. >> chevron says it's
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cooperating with all investigations. ktvu channel 2 news. >> it's the biggest change in food safety in 72 years. the federal government imposed new rules governing the way your food is grown and handled. john is in oakland with some of the surprisingly common sense new requirements here. >> our food supply in this country is the safest in the world yet every year 3,000 americans died from food born illness. >> the new rules come two years to the day after congress required them. they cover 80% of the food grown on u.s. farms. designed to reduce food born illness one rule requires they use clean water and food hand letters wash hands. a second requires them to submit detailed safety plans. >> to make sure the food you produce is safer and we will monitor your activities.
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>> although it's soon to get the government to implemented the rules activists today say they're not ready to party. >> we haven't popped the cork on the champagne yet. >> michelle simon points out there's still proposed rules and missing are promised rules on imported food. 15% of the nation's food surveillance play and the fta does not regulate beef, poultry and fresh eggs. still if finalized they'll be able to focus on preventing outbreaks. >> we're trying to bring them into the 21st century. there's thousands and thousands of food producers and agricultural producers and unfortunately we're seeing more problems. >> because of public comments and any possible revision it could take six months or longer before the rules become law.
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well another beautiful day today after the cold start this morning. the weather pattern hasn't been changing over the past few days. right now still lot of clear skies. a few high clouds out there in the pacific and the weather pattern changing by the weekend. we'll be tracking a few rain showers. as far as current numbers out there updated day for the 4:00 hour, lots of 50s. oakland airport 54. san jose 59 and downtown san francisco in the mid 50s, right about 55. forecast headlines for tonight, partly cloudy and chilly this weekend more cloud cover and showers will return for a portion of the weekend. not the entire weekend and next week a bit of a cooling trend. in fact, you'll see the numbers coming down on the five day forecast. as far as overnight lows not as cold as this morning but near freezing out toward fairfield and na pa. san francisco 45 and san jose 39 degrees. here's the bigger perspective
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in the pacific. you can pick up a storm off to the west. this will be a factor into the weekend. tomorrow saturday morning clouds will be increasing, maybe a few sprinkles out there but the main action moves in -- that moves in later on in the afternoon but especially by late in the afternoon and into the evening hours. here's the headline for your saturday afternoon. rain showers develop and a cooler air will arrive, at least for the afternoon highs so we'll trim back on the temperatures. here's our forecast model showing you this and lots of cloud cover first thing tomorrow morning. showers are approaching, maybe awe few sprinkles out there at 8:00. we do bring in the chance of rain up in the north bay and becoming likely by 3:00 and then by 5:00. sunday we're going to hold on to the chance of scattered showers, basically just for the morning hours but the bulk of the activity saturday afternoon into saturday night. temperatures mainly in the 50s for afternoon highs. we'll shave off a few degrees. heres a look ahead, your 5 day
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forecast with your weekend always in view. your weekend isn't a wash out but rain clouds openly for later in the day on saturday. next week is dry but chilly out there we trade the rain for the cold weather. >> thank you mark. >> coming up it's the end of the era for bay area high school football. >> legendary high school football coach says he's stepping down. it's the right time. we'll hear from the coach next in sports
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a bay area legend is calling it quits. it's the end of an era for a coach with a phenomenal record. >> yeah, you know the coach said today that he actually stayed on coaching for one more year than he had originally planned but now after a career high 399 wins in 34 years he says it's the right time to step down as head coach. now in his press conference it was filled and think about -- when was the last time you saw a field auditorium for a high school football coach but he was 24 years old when he first took the head coaching job in
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1979. a state record 399 career victories later he's had enough of the football stress. their national record of 151 consecutive victories may never be surpassed. he had an advantage all right, not by giving scholarships but by working at a school that held high principles and commitment to the football program. he thanked the administration and program and all the players he mentored over 34 years. >> it's an ending for me but also a beginning. it's everything that -- it has been my life and people ask me what am i going to do now i really don't know what i'm going to do now. i'm going to be here teaching and i couldn't ask for a better career or better life and i couldn't have asking for a better school to work in. this is an amazing place. there's a lot of community, there's a lot of love and
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there's a lot of people so dedicated to what they do it's not about money or a pay check, but about a mission and walking away from this life making your acre a little bit better than when you found it and i have absolutely no regret. if i have to do it again i'd do it exactly the same. >> if former player and current assistant coach assumes the task of replacing a legend now he will remain teaching religious studies and be an assistant football coach for some of the lower levels like the freshman or junior varsity team. the varsity head football coach. again, they asked him why stay on and maybe go for the 400th win and he said simply that
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would be lame. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that is so bob. yeah. >> remarkable career. that's going to do it for this early edition of channel 2 news. on the 10:00 news our coverage continues on the teenager found dead after a new years eve concert in south lake tahoe. >> deborah is on the way to casa grande high school where a vigil will be held tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news and enjoy the cotton bowl. texas a&m against oklahoma. fox sports coverage begins momentarily

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